Tejo experience with craft beer

Let’s play tejo with beer!

Did you know that we have a national sport called Tejo and it involves gunpowder?

Don't worry, don't panic, we have everything under control!

Our most fun guide will teach you how to throw a heavy disc on a court with clay and explosives, all while you enjoy a good Colombian beer.

This tour begins at a local tejo court, where you will learn the history of this game, its rules and curiosities. For an exciting hour, you will compete against other travelers, while enjoying a local beer, because in this sport the more beer you drink, the better you’ll play.

After playing tejo, we’ll head to a craft beer pub in a bohemian neighborhood of the city, to explore this world and how the city is becoming a beer district.

You will learn about each ingredient, its history and curious facts while you enjoy a tasting of different beer styles and then enjoy a glass of your favorite one.

Book now and experience a real tejo game on a traditional court and become a local beer expert!

Do you like the plan?

Available days: Monday to Saturday.

Starting time: 4:30 PM.

Duration: 2 hours.

Meeting point: Tejo La 77 (Cra 28 #77-32).

Includes: One hour of tejo, unlimited local beer during the game, local expert guide, transportation from the tejo to the pub, craft beer tasting, glass of craft beer.

Book now and learn to play tejo and drink beer like us locals do!

Play tejo with craft beer

USD $54/person

Certificate of Excellence 2018
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