Our history

We are Bogotá City Crawl, an experience agency that invites you to live and feel Bogotá in a different way.

We specialize in offering unique experiences that capture the essence of Bogotá’s culture.

From nightlife plans to coffee and chocolate tastings, tejo and craft beer, each of our activities are designed in a way that you feel how local life is like and enjoy the diversity of our city.

Since 2015, we have shared with more than 5,000 travelers around the world how Bogotá’s residents enjoy our city, revealing secret places, exploring charming streets and showing places that do not appear in touristic guides. Our group of guides go beyond showing the traditional sites; We are a team that seek to support local businesses, ensuring that each experience is not only unforgettable for our clients, but also contributes to the growth of our allies.

To this day we have become a benchmark for showing the fascinating history and culture of Bogotá through unforgettable experiences in magical places that only locals can show you.

Ready to go out with more than one friend and feel the city like a local?

Certificate of Excellence 2018
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